The IKEA Hack That Uses High Ceilings To Create More Storage — House Digest

You can purchase BESTA cabinets of various sizes individually or in sets of three, allowing you to customize your span and array of cabinetry. While the doored versions will run you anywhere from $100-400 dollars each, you can also purchase individual frame cabinets without the hinged doors for around $50. These are the most budget-friendly pieces and can be left open for visible storage. They can also be filled with baskets or fronted with fabric or curtains to hide their contents.

The cabinets come in classic white, natural wood, or black, making them great for any design scheme. You can also paint them whatever color you desire, including other wall shades to camouflage against the existing walls or accent colors in your room to make them stand out. Many people install them slightly lowered from the ceiling to form an additional shelf for more storage or decor above. The effect is very reminiscent of built-in cabinetry when placed in a row along an entire wall.


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