‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ LEGO set gets enough votes to be considered for production

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood LEGO set could become reality with enough support

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood LEGO set could become reality with enough support 00:52

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A «Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood» LEGO set has enough votes to be considered for production. 

The 1,968-piece set — honoring the show’s original premiere in 1968 — features Mister Rogers’ home on the front and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe on the back. It has the red trolley, King Friday’s Castle and several Easter eggs, like the fish tank and a closet that opens to reveal his sweater. 

(Photo: LEGO Ideas)

The maker said the set is a tribute to Fred Rogers and his show, as 2023 marks 20 years since his death.

The set is featured on the LEGO Ideas site where fans and designers can submit their own LEGO kits. Ideas that get 10,000 supporters, which the Mister Rogers’ set now has, are reviewed by a board and considered for production, according to the LEGO Ideas website. 

In an official comment on the set’s page, LEGO said the board will determine if the concept meets the «high standards» it takes to be a product, considering factors like playability, safety and fit with the brand. 

The project will be reviewed beginning in September, and the process can take several months. If the project gets the OK, LEGO said it goes into the development phase, which is the longest phase and takes several months. 

LEGO said it’ll post any follow-up information and its decision on the set’s page.

Source: cbsnews.com

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