Flour Bluff ISD social worker helping students in need

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Flour Bluff Independent School District is hoping to keep its Hornet Hive Resource Closet fully stocked for this upcoming school year.

In February of 2022, FBISD announced the effort.

The school district started the resource to serve students in need. Local groups have been helping the cause, donating essential items like toiletries, undergarments, backpacks, food, clothing and shoes.

«You cannot imagine the smiling faces. Like, I’ve had students tell me, ‘oh my gosh my parents wouldn’t have been able to afford these shoes,’ And they’re really nice, like Nikes, they’re Adidas. And it really brightens my day to see that happen,» Savanna Bledsoe, FBISD’s district social worker said.

After four years of working in foster care, Bledsoe joined the school district in November 2021.

«When I first started we were absent without a social worker here in Flour Bluff for quite some time.» she said. «Now, I can allow my students to come to me as basically a safe place because I’m a licensed social worker. So I’m able to hear them out and talk to them and come up with a game plan. Whether it’s helping manage their emotions or anger throughout the day or creating a support group of some sort and I work closely with counselors.»

On top of her day-today job duties, she oversees the Hornet Hive Resource Closet.

A difficult childhood inspired Bledsoe to become a positive influence for her own children and help make the world a better place for the next generation.

«I grew up without. My mom, who was my primary caregiver. She was a mom of three. She was a single mom for a really long time and got bad into drugs. So a lot of times we were staying with grandparents and we were wearing clothes and our shoes were coming from the dollar store.» she explained. «I don’t ever want a child to feel that way and ever have to go through that.»

Bledsoe said her mother eventually ended up in prison and couldn’t attend her graduation.

However, she decided to take her past experiences and use it as motivation to provide relief for students who may be going through difficult times.

«That affects students a lot. It really does. Those who struggle with that and then they have to go to school for so long during their day and put those stressors on the back burner and people don’t understand that these kids, it really does affect them a lot,» she added. «If I could make a difference, then I’m doing my job. I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do and I’m doing that with my own children. I don’t want anyone to ever go without because of their home life or home situation.»

Bledsoe is encouraging others to donate and experience the joy of giving. She said there is a need for clothing for Jr. High and High School age students.

To keep the resource closet fully stocked,the social worker will start accepting more donations starting Aug. 3.

You may drop off and leave items at the Junior High front door desk at Hustlin Hornet Drive from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can also contact Savanna Bledsoe at (361) 694-9349 or email sbledsoe@flourbluffschools.net.

Source: kristv.com

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