Christina Hall’s Daughter Goes on a Shopping Spree in Her Mom’s Closet

Christina Hall’s daughter Taylor has reached the age at which her mom’s closet starts to look like a free-for-all clothing store. In a new episode of Christina on the Coast, the now 12-year-old took a little shopping spree in the HGTV star’s closet—giving viewers a peek inside the luxe storage space.

«Ever since our trip to Tennessee, Taylor has been asking me to take her shopping,» Christina said during the episode. «She is at that age, so I totally understand. But apparently, I’ve put it off for too long because now she’s shopping in my closet.»

christina hall and daughter taylor

Christina Hall via Instagram

Unsurprisingly, Christina’s closet is well-organized and maximizes storage space. On one wall, the top half is dedicated to clothing on hangers, while the bottom half features columns of glass shelving with built-in lights for the design expert’s shoe collection. Taylor tried on a few pairs of Christina’s footwear, including Valentino pumps and Louis Vuitton slides. She also sported her mom’s favorite jacket, a denim and leather bomber that Christina said she wears every day. «When I’m going through my closet and there’s things I’m getting rid of, then we can talk,» Christina said to Taylor.

Christina then promised to find Taylor replicas of the items that she tried on that are off-brand. Taylor exited the closet with a few borrowed finds, and Christina felt flattered that Taylor wanted to wear her clothes—because ,she said, she would have never wanted to wear her mother’s clothes at Taylor’s age. Christina joked that she’s a monster but, as Taylor put it, «a stylish one!»

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