What Are Dummy Doorknobs, And Does Your Home Need Them? — House Digest

Determining whether your home requires dummy door knobs can be assessed through a few key factors. Homes with double doors that close side-by-side, like those on cabinets and wardrobes, often benefit from dummy door knobs. These knobs add a decorative flair to your home without compromising functionality, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. For doors that don’t require a latch, like closet or pantry doors, dummy door knobs are an excellent choice. They add a decorative touch and facilitate easy access to the contents within, making them a practical addition to your home. If your goal is to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, dummy door knobs are a fantastic option. With a wide array of designer styles and finishes available, they can effortlessly complement your interior decor and architectural style.

The diverse design options of dummy door knobs make matching any interior decor and architectural appeal easy. If you’re uncertain about the need for dummy door knobs in your home, it’s advisable to consult a professional or visit a hardware store to explore the different types of door knobs available.

Source: housedigest.com

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