The ‘Anti-Trend’ Basics You Need In Your Summer Wardrobe — Women

White outfits are an eternal summer essential. With a white monochrome outfit, you’ll stay cool throughout the summer while still looking effortlessly chic. To start building your wardrobe with anti-trend basics, go for loose pants and shorts. For tops, opt for tighter or low-cut tops that can accentuate loose fitting bottoms. All-white outfits are making a comeback this year, and provide an elegant look that’s not only comfortably but innately sophisticated. These all-white looks can also be enhanced with a non-white accessory, like bright sunglasses or a designer purse.

You know what makes white monochrome outfits even better? Gold jewelry. If you have a favorite necklace laying around, pair it with an all-white outfit and look instantly more glamorous. Whether it’s sundresses, rompers, or a simple pant and top, white outfits will give you the ultimate hot-girl-summer look. Who What Wear recommends experimenting with different textures, fabrics, and other forms of layering to mix it up and keep you coming back to different shades of white.


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