The First Step You Need To Take With A Bedroom Makeover, According To Nate Berkus — House Digest

With daily life, it’s easy for miscellaneous items to pile up without noticing. That’s exactly why the first step to creating a curated bedroom design should be to declutter the space. On Instagram, interior designer Nate Berkus posted this very advice back in 2017 in a quote: «You need to edit your space. Good design isn’t just about acquiring; it’s about releasing.» He captioned the photo by saying, «Nobody is going to care about your beautiful new lamp if there is all this junk on the table next to it.» Tons of miscellaneous items stacked and piled up will end up being the focal point of a room, distracting you from the actual decorative details.

However, decluttering your space doesn’t only maintain the aesthetic; there are also plenty of health benefits associated with the task. Clutter can hinder the ability to focus, limit information processing, and have effects on working memory. It can create excessive stimuli, and in the bedroom, this can make it harder to create a serene environment that helps you to relax and sleep. Cleaning and decluttering can also have impacts on mental health, with a clean room improving anxiety and stress, which can lead to better sleep.


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