ToyCon 2023 returns to rekindle our inner child

Bangladesh has witnessed a remarkable cultural shift in recent years. ToyCon, an event showcasing toys made by local toy makers, has emerged as a joyful celebration of toys, creativity, and imagination. A passion project of Saadi Rahman, ToyCon, which made its debut in 2017, has been held at Chef’s Table Courtside, Madani Avenue on 18 and 19 August 2023.  

ToyCon has grown exponentially since its inception as with each passing year the event has attracted more attendees and garnered greater attention. This year, ToyCon shines a spotlight on toy collectors in Bangladesh—highlighting toy makers, diorama creators, and local vendors selling their products.     


The event has provided a welcoming space for people of all ages to embrace their inner child and revel in the nostalgia of their favourite toys. ToyCon features an array of friendly vendors, each offering a unique range of products that cater to toy enthusiasts, making them remember the sweet memories of their childhood.   

«This year, I see a lot of people attending the event. We have seen older people coming with their children and they are not buying toys only for their children but also for themselves. So, we want to promote this culture and arrange this event on a bigger scale next year,» said Saadi Rahman, the founder of ToyCon.   

ToyCon has acted as a platform for toy enthusiasts, collectors, and creators to come together under one roof and celebrate their shared passion for all things toy-related. Through its diverse offerings, ToyCon pays homage to the timeless joy that toys bring to our lives.   

From Marvel and Star Wars action figures to toy trains, made by a local semiconductor product company, TETON Private Ltd., any toy enthusiast will remain mesmerised after seeing these products.  

«As a vendor, I believe ToyCon gives us the opportunity to connect to people. Essentially, it is helping the name get out there. As people are coming here with their children, they are getting familiar with our shops, businesses, and the vibrant toy culture within Bangladesh,» informed Farhan Islam, owner of Kiyan’s Kollectibles, a collectables shop specialising in Funko Pops.    

As Bangladesh’s cultural scene continues to expand and diversify, ToyCon is a shining example of our ability to embrace new forms of entertainment and self-expression. This event brings toy makers and collectors together, not only to celebrate their shared interests but also to explore the intersections of creativity, innovation, and nostalgia. 


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