How to Create a Beautiful, Kid-Friendly Home Design

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Stunning home decor that accommodates small children is more manageable than ever. With updated options in fabric materials, durable accessories, and kid-friendly furniture styles, you can easily create a modern and trendy space that fits your family’s lifestyle. With a few considerations, you’ll feel confident that you can keep your home clean and safe but still absolutely love how it looks.

A (Washable) Modern Aesthetic

The current minimalist, neutral decor trend is aesthetically pleasing but can be difficult to maintain when you have kids and pets. If you love the look of a light-colored sofa, keep it kid-friendly by selecting a piece with washable fabric and removable cushion covers. Some furniture makers now offer performance fabrics for durable use or sofas pre-treated with stain prevention.

In addition to kid-friendly furniture fabrics, there are now excellent options for washable rugs and throw pillows. You’ll fear no stains in your home when you know everything can be cleaned!

Tidied and Trendy

Kids come with a lot of stuff! Beautiful kid-friendly decor should include a plan for storing all your child’s items. Since most common rooms in the home are shared between adults and children, storage will help mom and dad relax in tidied spaces.

Built-in or added bookcases with attractive storage containers can keep toys and games out of sight. Consider storage benches in the foyer or storage ottomans as an alternative to a coffee table in the living room. Add hooks or cubbies at entryways to capture backpacks and shoes. Optimize your closet space by working with a local closet design professional. Storage is your best friend in creating a kid-friendly interior design.

Safety First

Kids are explorers at heart. Keep them secure by choosing furniture with included safety features so they can stay focused on play. You should choose pieces with a heavy, sturdy base and anti-tipping attachments that you secure to your walls. Even the most high-end furniture sellers now include furniture options with these attachments, so you can still achieve the design aesthetic you prefer while keeping it kid-friendly.

If you have very young children, you’ll need to add some elements that increase security but might not be the most design-inspired additions. Covers on outlets, locks on cabinet doors, edge protectors on sharp corners, and baby gates might all be necessary (at least temporarily) to help keep the littlest ones safe. The good news is that there are more options than ever, so you can purchase pieces that fade into the background without completely disrupting the look of your home.

Kid-friendly Designs Top to Bottom

Everything seems like a playground to your kids: your walls and floors included. Prevent home decor disasters by investigating durable, kid-friendly materials. Interior paint has come a long way and now has many varieties of scuff-proof, washable paint in an array of colors. Thanks to these updated formulas, you can wipe off an “art project” or clean up dirt with minimal effort.

Your floors themselves absorb a lot from an active family home. Some flooring materials are better than others for a kid-friendly design. If you’re planning to renovate your home, there are now flooring options that clean up easier and don’t show wear as quickly.

Keeping It Modern and Kid-Friendly

As you can see, having an interior design you love that still functions for your family is easier than ever. Your kid-friendly home design will reduce the stress of wear and tear while providing you with the modern, trendy style you desire.

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