If Your Closet Feels Like A Corn Maze, These 31 Organization Products May Help

I’ve been using these velvet hangers in black for YEARS, like for at least eight or nine. I bought them originally for sole the reason of being really cute (who knew hangers could be), but once I transferred my clothes over from the mixed-matched plastic hangers I’d had for forever, I realized that they are space-saving geniuses. My closet went from completely full to «Oh! I’ve got room to shop!» (dangerous, I know but very very helpful in small spaces.) When I moved last year I bought a new batch and they are still just as good. And because of the velvet, they *really are* non-slip! 10/10 recommend! 

Another BuzzFeeder, Emma Lord, loves these hangers, too: «I bought about 60 of these six years ago just to streamline the ~aesthetic~ of my closet, and I have now carried them with me through three closets and two big moves and can’t imagine using any other kind of hanger. The velvet locks all my shirts and coats in place so I never have to worry about finding them bunched up at the bottom of my closet whenever I jostle them looking for something to wear, and they have been a *godsend* for reducing the space taken up in my closet. I also just love how sleek and organized they make my closet look. A few reviewers mentioned the velvet coming off on their clothes, but I’ve never had an issue with the beige ones.»

Get a set of 30 from Amazon for $23.84+ (available in six colors, two metal options, and multiple set sizes).

Source: buzzfeed.com

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