How To Curate An Impossibly Cool Band Wardrobe, According To NewJeans’s Stylist

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Despite being a product of the South Korean behemoth HYBE, the NewJeans look feels less manufactured and a little more “internet” than some of its contemporaries. “It’s only been a year since their debut, so I think each member is still discovering their sense of style. But their interest in fashion continues to surge, which makes me so proud,” Yumi says. Having started out as a design assistant to Ha Sang Beg in 2008, Yumi soon joined SHINee’s styling team before taking the lead on boy bands like BIGBANG. “That turn of events got me interested,” she says. “I had never dreamed of it, but styling an artist with pieces designed by someone else suited me better than designing my own.”

In 2020, Yumi got a call from Min Hee-jin and started working on the coolest girl band in the world. Here, Choi Yumi breaks down the recipe of NewJeans’s style in five moments: from Minji’s ventures into “blokecore” and Hanni’s hip-hop bunny attire, to Haerin’s gorpcore-inspired schoolgirl look.


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