Space Cadets: Get organized and enjoy life with custom closets that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle

There’s nothing worse than trying to live or work in clutter. 

That’s why Kim McBrayer founded Space Cadets in 2001 — to help customers get organized and create elegant, cost-effective storage solutions for their homes.

McBrayer, the company’s owner and CEO, says that she was “a recovering messy person” at the time, one who had finally discovered the life-changing value of organization.

“I refined the organizing processes with everyday application in my own life,” she says.

McBrayer also had the realization that “organization is not about just alphabetizing and sorting things,” she says. “It’s really about accomplishing a better satisfaction with your life.”

McBrayer created Space Cadets to share her new skill set and insights.

Being organized “facilitates the process for you to enjoy yourself and have a better quality of life,” she says. “Whatever your role in life — mother, father, employer, employee — you can do it better if you’re organized.”

Space Cadets has a team of professional organizers who can organize or declutter your house. The company also specializes in custom closet design and installation, with solutions ranging from built-in closets to adjustable systems.

Customers can browse the Space Cadets retail and design center in Brook Highland Plaza for a wide variety of organization products for closets, kitchens and garages. There’s a solution for every budget, from $5 to $50,000.

McBrayer and Marissa Wilkins, Space Cadets general manager, stay abreast of the newest, coolest products, in part by attending events like the Inspired Home Show in Chicago and the Closet Summit in Savannah, Georgia.

“We have a lot of new, exciting things from such vendors as IDesign, Spectrum and YouCopia, and we have OXO as a totally new vendor for the store,” McBrayer says.

Space Cadets works with builders of new construction and remodels to offer custom closets. “This is something that homeowners are requesting as a standard in the home these days,” McBrayer says.

Space Cadets urges customers to call them in the early stages of home remodels or construction to get in the pipeline for ordering and prepping closets and shelving.

The company is also growing its footprint across Alabama. Space Cadets opened its first satellite retail store in Alexander City at The Square on Main Street in May, and they are now offering custom closet design in the Auburn and Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area as of September with other areas in the works, McBrayer says.

The fall is a great time for cleaning and organizing your stuff, she says. “As our focus turns to the holidays, we want to be ready to welcome and entertain guests.»

“It’s a great time to take advantage of the cooler weather and clean out a garage, and we’re inside more and can clean out some closets and just get the house ready,” she says.

McBrayer is on a mission to help decrease clutter and stress in peoples’ lives so they can find more peace, order and enjoyment. 

“Everything we touch touches the rest of our lives,” she says.


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