Stylitics rolls out AI-powered virtual closet to personalise the e-commerce experience | Retail Tech

Stylitics, a company that uses AI technology for fashion, has launched new tools for brands and stores to give shoppers a more personalised shopping experience.

The initial rollout will feature two products that offer inspirational, curated outfit recommendations based on shoppers’ previous purchases and browsed items.

The newly launched tools are called “Styled for You” and “Dynamic Galleries”.

As per Stylitics, “Styled for You” recommends outfits based on what a customer has bought and looked at before, making it easier to find new ways to wear the clothes they already own.

It works for all shoppers, whether they are logged in or not, and keeps track of their purchase history for up to 18 months. If something a customer wants is out of stock, it suggests similar items.

“Dynamic Galleries” shows outfit ideas that match shoppers’ style, based on what they’ve browsed and bought. It gives them 5-7 outfit suggestions that improve as they interact with it. If something is out of stock, it suggests alternatives based on AI.

“Shoppers have long admired Cher’s virtual closet from the film Clueless and these new tools are reimagining that dream,” commented Rohan Deuskar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stylitics, adding, “Using AI not only personalises the e-commerce experience for shoppers, but it also allows brands to do so at scale. We are providing retailers with a new opportunity to understand the shopper’s style in deeper and more dynamic ways while driving loyalty and higher engagement.”


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