My Favorite Room … Amanda and Matt Stoltz’s North Main Street cottage

After moving away at age 11, Matt Stolz always dreamed of returning to Greenville, and making it his permanent home this time.

Luckily, his dream girl shared this vision. After Matt completed his optometry residency in Miami, the newlyweds moved to Greenville and began their search for the perfect home. 

While they didn’t find perfection, they found a charming cottage off North Main Street, and a team to bring their plans to life.

There were a few bumps along the way — a fireplace to be moved and a washer/dryer closet that simply couldn’t be moved — but with DG Builders for architecture and renovations and an assist from KB Collaborative on design, the Stolzes found the perfect combination of original charm and modern convenience. 

After extending the kitchen, adding a screened porch and moving the skylights, vaulted ceilings were added to make the room more spacious at Amanda and Matt Stoltz's North Main Street cottage

3 Tips to Recreate This Look: 

  • Find a builder who is creative and able to think outside of the box. We met with several folks, and although we liked all of them, we went with the builder who had the most creative ideas. 
  • To keep the «charm» of a home, keep the original elements, just move them around as needed. 
  • Use natural light as much as possible. Skylights are an added expense, but they have a long payoff in brightening up a room. 


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