21 Actually Cute Folding Tables

When you think of folding tables, good design is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But chic folding tables do exist, and no matter your style—farmhouse, modern, industrial, or minimalist—it’s entirely possible to create some extra elbow room without compromising your style. Here are 21 actually-cute folding tables to make everyone feel welcome at your next dinner party or holiday gathering.

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Modern folding card tables

Rectangular folding tables

Folding farmhouse tables

Vintage folding tables

A modern take on the card table

If you need to add a few extra chairs to your current setup, a simple square folding table is a great option. Typically referred to as a card table, this style was designed to accommodate four players for a round of poker or bridge, then get tucked away in a closet or garage after the game. If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, a vinyl-covered version may have popped up at Thanksgiving dinner—likely as the dreaded or beloved kids’ table, depending on your family dynamics. But card table design has come such a long way, you can now get one that’s so nice you won’t want kids anywhere near it.

Stakmore Straight Edge Folding Card Table

Suzanne Kasler Colette Game Table

Madeira Folding Table

Frontgate Folding Table

Kestell Furniture 35-Inch Square Portable Folding Table

Red Barrel Studio Teak Fliptop Outdoor Dining Table

A rectangular folding table

For even more supplemental seating, consider extending your current setup with a rectangular folding table. These easy-to-store options will give your guests a little extra elbow room, or allow you to squeeze in one or two more chairs than a square table would. Rectangular folding tables also come in handy when you need to turn your living room or patio into an impromptu dining room.

Malibu Metal Folding Outdoor Bistro Table

REI Co-op Dining Table

Charlton Home Senner Fliptop Outdoor Dining Table

Café Folding Table

Folding farmhouse tables

With their clean lines, thick legs, and tops made from wide wood planks, farmhouse tables are statement pieces that work with both modern and rustic decor styles. But by design, they’re pretty simple, which is why you can now get a sizable farmhouse table with folding legs. Sure, something like this is overkill if you’re just trying to add a few extra seats—but if you need to do a temporary table swap for the holidays or convert a garage or outdoor space to a dining room, a folding farmhouse table is worth considering.

Flash Furniture Hercules Antique Rustic Solid Pine Folding Farm Table

Flash Furniture Hercules Farmhouse Dining Table, White

Hercules Rectangular Solid Pine Farm Dining Table with Folding X-Style Legs

Steelside Elkanah Solid Wood Rectangular Portable Folding Table

Vintage folding tables

If you want to make a big statement with just a few square feet, a vintage or antique folding table is a fabulous option. Stylish and solidly constructed, these hard-to-come-by pieces will add visual interest—and a few extra seats—to any dining space. You can use one to extend your current table or mix and match a few to create an eclectic restaurant-style setup at home. (Please just do me one favor: If you put the kids at the Eames table, use placemats.)

Vintage Eames DTM-1 Folding Dining Table

Vintage French Folding Table

Mid Century Walnut Folding Dining Table

Antique Wooden Big Folding Table

Early 20th Century Wood Marquetry Folding Card Table

Ivar Gilbart Bridge Table

Vintage Wood Folding Table with Roll Top

Stakmore Mid Century Folding Card Table

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