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Cutting edge outerwear, stylish lids, and a brand new boot line — check out what’s on the horizon at Resistol.

From new boots to outerwear to the handcrafted felt cowboy hat on top, trust those who “Live It Every Day” to create the quintessential Western look for your closet. Age old traditions drive timeless designs to take you from a boardroom to a branding.

Stepping Out

Resistol, committed to providing the finest cowboy hats, is expanding their craftsmanship into a boot line.  

From cobalt blue to dark red, bring the thrill of a 90-point ride in every step with the option of five striking roughout colors. In true, timeless, and classic fashion, the boots also come in smooth or full quill ostrich. Premium quality caiman adds to the available leather options for an equally elegant and gritty look.  

Resistol uses the finest quality leather to breathe the true American spirit of quality, dependability, and hard work into each one of their creations.


Authentic to the Core

These same standards boast outerwear that is as functional as it is fashionable — always with a touch of classic Western, such as leather yokes or sherpa lining. Each piece, from the leather jackets to the insulated vests, is designed with comfort, longevity and warmth in mind.  

Resistol designed each item with cowboys in mind. The outerwear will keep you warm without restricting your movement — perfect for doctoring in the early mornings or going out on the town. 


To Top It Off

Since 1927, Resistol has provided cowboys with the finest headwear for the Western lifestyle. Made in America with natural weather resistant qualities, each felt hat is crafted with a lifetime in mind and includes Resistol’s patented self-conforming hat band, designed for long-lasting comfort. A four-piece handcrafted buckle set compliments each hat. 

Traditional, Timeless, True

The Resistol name represents the highest quality of looks for all western enthusiasts. Authentic. Tradition. Choose those “Who Live It Everyday” for your next piece of outerwear, pair of boots, or felt hat.

To learn more about Resistol, check their website and social media.
Images courtesy of HatCo


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