Unique Decoration Finds: Hanukkah Edition

My mother collects and lights countless menorahs but always has room for another. In many ways, our Hanukkah doubles as a light show presented to the world through our window—I look forward to it every year. After all, the holiday reminds us of miracles. So, I always marvel at how she obtains enough multicolored, hand-dipped candles to adorn 12+ intricate menorahs with lights.

This year, I’m leaning into that tradition with our classic handcrafted Hanukkah heirlooms but owning my personal style too. In case you’re doing the same, here are the menorahs, dreidels, candles, and decorations for every kind of Hanukkah.


This year, modern menorahs know no bounds. These kosher sculptures can take on a myriad of different forms, from a candle-filled Kandinsky to a row of aluminum bubbles. You can modernize your classic metallic menorah or surprise your bubbie with abundant color. Since Hanukkah candlelight proudly shines through Jewish windows, it should emanate from unique works of art.



These dreidels weren’t made out of clay, but they still play. It’s time to level up the bulk dollar store dreidels with pieces crafted from silver, crystal, and stone. While Troye Sivan’s $1,800 masterpiece, LED lights, and spinning strawberries don’t automatically win the game, they get the whole room talking.

Candles & Decor

On the festival of lights, candles take on a spiritual meaning–but that doesn’t mean that the flames can’t be shining from black & white, metallic, or frosted wax. Sometimes, it’s the Hanukkah Menorahs that don’t fit the guidelines for prayers and the dreidels that don’t spin that complete the holiday’s aesthetic.

Chanukah Candle

Rite Lite

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